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This is my Favorite Jollof in Ghana.

This Pot contains 10psc of Chicken and can feed 6 to 7 people.

Any West African knows that jollof rice is the defining dish on the market. It is Nothing Without Tomatoes – Let’s Hike Tariffs So Local Farmers Benefit! Huge Debate on Nigerians and Ghanaians on which country makes the best jollof.

My answer is MY FAVORITE FOODS makes the best JOLLOF.

  • Jollof Rice makes you happy. …
  • Jollof Rice contains tomatoes, peppers and onions. …
  • Jollof Rice contains rice. …
  • Jollof Rice strengthens family and friendship bonds. …
  • Jollof Rice strengthens national bonds. …
  • Jollof Rice brings back good memories, very key to good mental health.

Jollof rice packs a powerful punch in the taste stakes, but its origins are a point of contention with many African nations claiming it as their own.

The misrepresentation of Jollof rice is frowned upon as it is treated with great pride, especially with the international recognition that the meal has garnered by the Jollof Wars. But the perennial conflict between Nigerians and Ghanaians as to where the dish originated and whose version is best should not even exist, as history credits the Senegalese for its invention. However, the wars continue, resulting in many viral music videos, songs, articles and cook-offs. Although getting involved in the middle of the conflict is best avoided, the friction also helps bring awareness to the dish. Instead, you are better off just tucking in and enjoying the awesome meal.For those who aren’t familiar with Jollof rice and are wondering how a rice dish can pack so much punch, the secret is in how it soaks up so much flavour. You would not imagine that boiling plain rice in the same pot as peppers, tomatoes, spices and meats would create such soft, yet crisp tomato-stained grains, with so much sweetness locked inside them. Another advantage that Jollof rice has over other Ghanaian dishes is that it can be enjoyed with a healthy range of other condiments such as salads, avocado and deep-fried plantains.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and trust your culinary skills, why not try out this authentic Ghanaian Jollof rice recipe.In Accra, Jollof rice is very popular and can be found in most restaurants and at some of these street food stalls. It tends to be spicy as it is served with Shito (a pepper-based sauce), but don’t let that dissuade you from enjoying the dish, especially if you want to choose where your allegiance lies in the Jollof Wars. When it comes to plating up time, remember that no matter where your Jollof is from, you can still appreciate it for its superb taste and polarising magic.

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Goat Meat, Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Snail, Mushroom


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