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My Favorite Arena, simply means my favorite Place where all things can be found and attained easily.


Here we look at taking Customers (Companies) and the General public wants and needs as our priority, thus we look at solving essential problems of the society.


Our basic aim is to identify certain problems in the society and provide solutions (Complete Solutions) to them.


These are some of the problem that has be identified currently by MFA.

Problem of sending, getting items or picking up items from one point to the other.

  1. Problem of sending or transferring money to your love once.
  2. Source of Entertainment after a hard day’s work.
  3. Health Problems like Skin Care and Hair Growth
  4. Easy access to healthy food and drinks anytime anywhere.
  5. And the supply of IT Services to companies at a better price (Prices below Market)


MY FAVORITE ARENA being the Mother Company has Subsidiaries, which are listed below:

  1. My Favorite Delivery Services
  2. My Favorite Mobile Money Services
  3. My Favorite Entertainment
  4. My Favorite Beard Oil
  5. My Favorite Healthy Yogurt
  6. My Favorite Foods
  7. My Favorite Procurement Solutions and IT Services



My Favorite Delivery Services (MFD)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFD aims at getting items from prospects and sending to the right person. We render smart services and make sure your items are delivered on time and the right place. We assure our clients privacy, security and warrantee for any package.

My Favorite Mobile Money Services (MFM)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFM aims at ensuring that our clients have the convivence to pay for our services through mobile money. This is to ensure that flexibility for our clients in making payments.

My Favorite Entertainment (MFE)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFE aims at providing relaxation as well as releasing stress to people in the society through Event Organization. We organize events like Movies, Pool Parties, Dinner, Birthday Parties as well as any social gathering that serves as a source of entertainment for the general public.

My Favorite Beard Oil (MFB)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFB is a health natural care product. MFB aims at helping the society especially those who have deficiency with hair growth. The main focus here is to motivate our Ladies(African ladies) to wear their natural hair and feel free feeling natural, and also the guys who lack hair or want to boost their hair growth especially with the beard.

My Favorite Healthy Yogurt (MFY)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFY is a natural Yogurt drink in Three (3) flavors: Natural; Vanilla; Strawberry. This is not just a yogurt drink but a complete meal with all the necessary nutrients to help improve the health of the body and mind, it also serves as medication to prevent diseases and build the immune system.

My Favorite Foods (MFF)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFF aims at getting food in bulk to companies and schools (Universities) or to folks that find it difficult to prepare food as a result of the stress from work or time limitations. MFA provides food services that will not only be nutritious but also provide food that can improve the health of our clients and the community as a whole.

My Favorite Procurement Solutions and IT Services (MFSS)

This is a subsidiary Company of MFA. MFSS aims at suppling the general public with home appliances and also companies with a complete procurement solution by getting items below market prices but assuring the high-quality product with warranty.


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